Reflection (goodbye)

untitledHey Edna here, and I’m SO sorry for the hold up on posts. Exams always get my brain mixed-up. So much that even my music style changes. I loved pop but now I like Vocaloid (Japanese pop music.). I’ve also gotten a new addiction (fun fact. If I watch a movie like Transformers, I like to now more. So more like fascination.)… TRANSFORMERS!!! Not the horrible Michael Bay movies, but Hasbro’s animated 2007-2009. Now you might say “Why are you watching something so old?” well, they have ALL the characters from G1. Like Blurr!!!! *squee*. Yes this fellow motor-mouth is back from the first Transformers animated movie. They redesigned him of course I like his new form. He talks (and runs) so fast! My favorite line from him was “First-of-all-the-name’s-not-Zippy!-As-a-matter-of-fact-I-don’t-believe-I’ve-ever-met-a-bot-named-Zippy!-So-one-can-only-assume-you-called-me-Zippy-in-reference-to-my-speed- which-may-be-entirely-accurate-but-lacks-a-certain-creativity!-More-to-the-point-the-name’s-Blurr!” I’ve actually made two shirts one that has Blurr on it and it says. THE NAME’S NOT ZIPPY!!! The other has Blurr’s final form (a cube since he died) that says. SUPPORT THE CAUSE! REVENGE ON THE REINDEER!! (His murderer has antenna that look like antlers to me.) and the Blurr cube has a thought bubble that says ‘Where is my dignity?’ Sorry Blurr (not sorry) Yeah I’m a geek. A Greek-geek! Oops. I kind of babbled on and on there. Just wanted to tell you. But the purpose of this post is to say goodbye to my blog.

Well, this entire year I learned how to type faster than Blurr runs! (Joking of course since Blurr is as fast as the Flash!) But that helps a lot instead of me taking an hour to type! I also learned how to operate computers. I was terrible with computers at first. Heck it took me two months to figure out how to upload songs to my Ipod touch 4, (I am technically up to date with tech. It’s just that my Ipod is taking a bit longer to update.) ,without asking for my dad to help. Now I just need to figure out how to edit videos…

I loved to read comments and to leave comments. They make me feel happy that people actually like what I type. So yeah totally worth staying up until 4:00 am typing away. Sometimes I get so engulfed in typing I forget about the world around me. That’s determination. Also my weakness. I hate that about me. I also tend to complicate simple things like a 100 word post. I need help.

I don’t particularly dislike anything about my blog. In fact I love it to death! I’m just sad that I won’t be able to post anything else. I had constellation posts at the ready. Transformers as well. Like my funny slip up since I thought that Starscream (from prime) was a girl since it was my first Transformers show I watched and because he wears (not so manly) high heels. Well in my defense, he is a whiner. And with a name like ‘Starscream’ it doesn’t surprise me. Heh heh heh I’m evil.

Well I’m going to stop right there since I’m going to short-circuit the keyboard with my tears! T-T. Anyone know what that is? An emoji! And guess who learned about emoji? This girl right here! Yay! Well that’s it. For the last time keep on reading fellow bookworms!

Your old friend Edna Online.

Goodbye. *Dies of sadness* T-T

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New Plush!

Edna here and I have a micro post about a Monster High plush toy pet! Now I chose Ruin the ghost ferret but her new name is Luna and she is so fluffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is just an update about my life that rocks!!! If you can tell, I LOVE PLUSH TOYS!! So many memories are in the plush toys! Anyways thanks and keep on reading fellow bookworms!!

(My own image coming soon!;)


Sweet Success

paper-946927_960_720“Those who succeed are those who believe and who dare to dream.” ~Edna Online (Property to me since I made it up)

Edna here and I feel very successful with how my blog turned out (not to blow my own horn). I really wanted to take this time to give credit where credit is due. For all of you who have stayed here on my blog, thank you all so much!!! But today I’m going to keep to the successful theme and just jump right into it!

Now I don’t know about you guys, but personally, I think that one particular character in my books deserves the spotlight to shine on him instead of hiding in the shadows. We all know him as cruel and occasionally snobby. Guessed who it is? No? Well his name is Professor Severus Snape!! Continue reading

Earth Awareness

HD38394Edna here. Today I would like to talk about some very depressing matters for fellow nature lovers. The planet is being destroyed by cars, litter, so in other words pollution. In fact my favorite reading spot, which was under an oak tree in a forgotten park, but the tree was dying. The amount of litter around that park wouldn’t help the poor tree. And just last summer, it died and fell.

See we should help the planet not destroy it! The most beautiful places in the world are going to be gone in a few years. The tree took a big place in my childhood and then, that security, that sense of belonging was dead.

If millions of people a day litter around the globe, there won’t be one to remember. The planet helped our ancestors survive. And I think we should help give back to the planet what the planet gave us. Respect. Continue reading